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dtalcorn by dtalcorn • | | 1 comment
My dachsie is on the raw diet since I got her at 6 weeks old. Been feeding raw and just got in beef complete (beef, bones, organs) and for some reason she won't eat it. Is it because of the texture of the ground bones? Should I just keep putting down until she accepts it?
GVB by GVB • | | 1 comment
Do you have trouble finding a boarding facility that will accommodate the raw diet?
Aubriann_Scowden by Aubriann_Scowden • | | 1 comment
I have an 8 month old husky, she is 50 pounds and pretty active. I have calculated how much to feed her daily but I am still stuck on a few questions. So lets say I give her a chicken thigh for edible bone, will the meat on the bone count towards her daily intake of muscle meat?
4thK by 4thK • | | 1 comment
My 1 year and 3 month old Pomeranian loves his chicken wing tip dinner (have to coax him to eat morning veggies by adding little bit of PB) but he refuses any type of offal. If he doesn't get any offal what does that do to him? Also, he seems to want something salty....should he get some salt, more
Sarahbellum by Sarahbellum • | | 3 comments
I know i am probably making this harder than I need to! I have been buying chicken backs as well as skinless boneless thighs. I grind my meat to keep my dogs from gulping the whole back down and choking. Amazing, but they eat slower with it ground up. I have 4 boxers. I feel like I am more
kboser01 by kboser01 • | | 1 comment
We have 2 Irish Wolfhounds who aren't directly related. They are 2 days apart and are 9 and 11 days before their first birthday. I did not expect her to be in heat at such a young age, but here we are. I know she could be pregnant and want to know if I need to change her diet. Their " more
lillysma10 by lillysma10 • | | 2 comments
Going to give my 10 year old Westie a Turkey neck. Very nervous! Do I hold the end? I'm so afraid she'll choke. Thanks.
j3cub98 by j3cub98 • | | 1 comment
I like to make large batches and freeze dry them. My younger dog does not like raw unless it is freeze dried first. Is it good to slightly bake chicken before grinding it up or to cook it a little after it is ground then freeze dry it? Does anyone have any good receipe for freeze drying?
Tania by Tania • | | 4 comments
Hello, Thank you for your amazing information. My dog has transitioned well to the diet and most of her yeast problems have cleared up. She is 25 kg and I feed her 500g a day, meat/bone/organ + veg (80:20 ratio). She has recently started to make the most strange stomach churning noises on a more
Maila by Maila • | | 5 comments
Hi everyone! I have started about 10 days ago with Barf diet my 6 months old Russian Toy. She is passing really hard stools and crying while doing it. Can you please tell me how to make this problem better? Have a great evening Paola
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